Referral program rules:

1. All users registered through the referral link bring the percentage of the prize to the owner of the referral link assigned at registration.
2. Since 05-10-2017, the referral percentage of accrual is 2% of the prize amount.
2.1. The accrual percentage can be changed, it will not affect previously registered referrals.
3. Accruals are transferring automatically and instantly, the amount of accruals can be viewed on this page, and also you will see it in the payment history, in the balance section.
4. It is forbidden to register users through their own referral link and receive accruals from their own account. Such actions will be monitored automatically and manually by resource administrators.
5. In case of violation of the rules of the referral program, the administration reserves the right to disconnect referrals and apply a system of fines to violators.